Septic Services in La Porte County

The Best Neighborhood Septic Services in La Porte County

Johnson Johns & Septic Service has been taking great care of LaPorte County for over 15 years.  With our plant located in LaPorte on Kingsbury Road, we owe the greatest service to the community in which we have created and developed our Johnson Johns. 

We are proud to call ourselves the top team of septic services in La Porte, Michigan City, Westville, and any other town in LaPorte County.  Johnson John is happy to not only provide quality service, but the peace of mind knowing that your septic will be operating smoothly all year-round.

Septic Services in la porte Johnson Johns truck transporting porta potties

La Porte Septic Services, Portable Restrooms, and Grease Traps

As a homeowner, you should take every precautionary step it takes to make sure your drains and septic are running smoothly.  We are ready to provide you our expertise so you have one less hassle.  We operate on simplicity and cost-efficiency for our customers.  We will be there to diligently service your septic.

Portable Restroom Rentals are a great industry to be a part of, because we get to provide our communities with clean places to use the restroom.  From in the little league baseball parks in Kingsbury and Westville to major events like the summer boat races at the Michigan City beaches, we provide a hassle-free experience for customers with port-a-pot delivery and pick-up. 

Grease trap maintenance is crucial in cities like LaPorte and Michigan City where the restaurant industry continues to grow rapidly, we are happy to provide a quick and easy grease trap maintenance.  One less task the busy restaurant managers and employees have to deal with. 

If your LaPorte, Michigan City, or Westville homes need septic tank service, we’re your go-to.  We are ready to supply you with industry-leading service at a low price. 

Why Johnson John is Your #1 Choice

We have been LaPorte County’s top waste water servicing industry for a long time.  Our knowledge and experience will ensure that you are getting top of the line service to all of your needs whether they be for your home or place of business.  Our reputation at Johnson Johns and representation of our business speaks for itself.  We can do it all. 

  • Septic tank maintenance 
  • Septic tank additives for increasing the life of your tank
  • Portable Restroom (Port-a-Pot) rentals great for construction sites, park departments, any outdoor events
  • Portable Restroom sanitation station sinks for hand washing
  • Grease trap maintenance in restaurants

We back up the work we do, and that is why so many of our LaPorte County citizens choose our services.  We have created a great reputation for ourselves – not only for our work, but we are a friendly company that realizes the importance of being a friendly, efficient company.  Its part of our business model.  We’re confident that you will find us to be a trustworthy, local company, with quality services. 

Join Our Growing Family

We are always prepared to help previous clients and gain new friends through our service.  We want to personalize our relationship with our customers to provide a great experience. 

Contact us today or visit our website to get a quote and schedule an appointment for your septic tank, port-a-pot, or grease trap needs.  We do it all!  Our commitment to value and superior services is clear in every job.   

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Learn more about Johnson John & Septic Service and get a quote today, or call and have our trained experts answer any of your questions.  You can reach us at (219)-393-1080.

7523 S 1st Rd Kingsbury,
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7523 S 1st Rd Kingsbury,
IN 46350

(219) 393-1080