Septic Services in St. Joseph County

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St. Joseph County’s communities are booming, and Johnson Johns couldn’t be happier to see the community grow.  We take great pride in the development of the communities that we call home. 

We’re proud to be one the most popular septic servicing teams in South Bend and throughout all of St. Joseph County, providing a variety services for the many expanding economic sectors.  From septic and grease trap maintenance, to portable restroom rentals, we want to share what we do best.

Johnson Johns has become a very well-known name in the St. Joseph area.  We have a reputation for high-quality work, outstanding service, and a quick and easy process.  Learn more about Johnson Johns and how we can help you today at Johnson Johns & Septic Services.

We stand behind our reputation as the best septic servicing company in South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger, Osceola, New Carlisle, Walkerton, and throughout St. Joseph County.

Septic system serviceman feeds a hose into a septic tank. Septic Services in St. Joseph County

The Best Choice for Your South Bend Septic Servicing

When it comes to septic maintenance in St. Joseph County, we do it all.  Johnson Johns is here for you to keep your septic system and drains running smoothly.  We can pump your septic tank AND even elongate the life of your septic system with our Bio-Tabs.  The purpose of your septic tank is to absorb the waste water that flows from your home and into the drain field.  Our technicians are trained to provide the best service to your septic, guaranteeing top-performance.  Remember, it is much easier and cost efficient for Johnson Johns to preventatively service your tank rather than for you to have to repair and replace. 

In order to provide a good customer experience, we will work with you and your budget to find a quote for your septic tank maintenance. 

A Range of Available Johnson Johns Septic Services in St. Joseph County

If you’re looking for an affordable, top-of-the-line septic service and waste water management team in St. Joseph County, we are the team for you.  Our highly trained experts take pride in providing outstanding service with a pleasant experience, every time.  Our specialties include:

  • Septic tank maintenance
  • Septic tank additives for increasing the life of your tank
  • Portable Restroom (Port-a-Pot) rentals great for construction sites, park departments, any outdoor events
  • Portable Restroom sanitation station sinks for hand washing
  • Grease trap maintenance in restaurants

We work hard to be the best septic and grease trap maintenance service along with port-a-pot in the St. Joseph County area and more, but we work especially hard to give back to our community.  With our services we work to better every town and city we step foot in, it is a part of our business model.  Help us help you to improve the places where we live, work and grow. Support your local community today with Johnson Johns & Septic Service. 

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