Portable Toilets

Port-A-Pot’s… YES! We have them, 1000+ units to be exact. Whether you’re in charge of restroom rental for a construction company, head of a park department or organizing an event, the quality of your portable restroom service makes all the difference. We also provide “weekend rentals” for your backyard BBQ, weddings, graduation parties and more. You provide the occasion and we’ll provide the solution!

We offer many different types of restrooms and other sanitation products. All of our restrooms come standard with hand sanitizer at no additional charge.

Below is a list of products we offer with a brief description:

Standard Restroom -

  • This unit has been around for more than 30 years and is the industry standard "port-a-potty". The standard unit performs well in any situation!

Standard Restroom w/ Sink -

  • This unit is outfitted with a sink, soap dispenser and paper towels. It's convenient, hygienic and promotes proper hand washing.

Handicap Restroom -

  • This unit has an extra-large footprint making it very roomy. It provides wheelchair accessibility and helps accommodate anybody with special needs.

Flushable Restroom -

  • This flushable is the Cadillac of portable restrooms! This unit has 25% more floor space than our standard unit. It features an attractive sink and toilet bowl that actually flushes the waste away. This restroom is perfect for anyone who wishes to kick it up a notch and aims to impress their guest!

Hand wash Stations -

  • This is a double sided portable sink that is typically placed in conjunction with your portable restrooms. They are convenient, hygienic and help promote proper hand washing. Your guests will love our hand washing stations!